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My Coaching Philosophy 

Coaching is a Partnership 

I am a firm believer that true coaching is a partnership. Change is hard to do alone and almost completely impossible without a solid support system. We can be our own worst enemies and it is my job to not let you go down this rabbit hole. I will partner with you to challenge, game plan, and support you in your unique journey of success.

Some coaches lead through personal experience to help their clients "skip" over steps and achieve "success" faster. I will not do this. I firmly believe that you know how you best work better than anyone and we will work together to amplify your uniqueness. As a partnership our single goal is to create sustainable change that will last for as long as you want to continue it.

Being coached is HARD WORK

As your coach, it is my job to help you see the finish line and game plan on how to get there, but you must do the running and running is hard work!

Before we begin I ask if you are ready by using a modern spin on a classic metaphor. "You can lead a horse to water, but cannot make it drink." So, before we begin we have to make sure you are thirsty.

Coaching is Behavior Change

It's cliche, but nothing changes if nothing changes. We can plan together and have intentions of getting you to where you want to go, but if we don't actually work together to implement, course correct, game plan and implement again until we start to amplify success then we aren't coaching.

The difference between a coaching conversation and having a great chat over coffee is small, but it's this. Every conversation ends with an action item. 

Questions I'll Ask:

  1. What is the main reason you are seeking out coaching?

  2. What makes you feel like you "need to improve?"

  3. What has been successful for you in the the past in regards to this main reason you are seeking help?

  4. What does accomplishing success look like and mean to you?

  5. What do you want to walk away with after our time together?

Sound like a match?

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